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01Frédéric Doucet, a chef from the Charolais region, 1 Michelin star

My childhood, the story behind my passion

I always knew I'd become a chef: I was born here, in Charolles and the house you're in today used to belong to my parents. I vividly remember the scene of my father cooking in the kitchen. He was inspired by his love for delicious local specialities, which were served in generous portions, and his desire to please every single guest. At the inn, my mother's natural warmth and friendliness made guests to feel perfectly at home. 

I've always had a passion for cooking, I've always loved meeting the guests. I was inspired by the time I spent helping my father in the restaurant and my mother at the inn. I've always been sure these two passions would be in my future. 

My inspiration, an ode to my region

I love everything about the Charolais region: its landscapes, its products and its people. 

The streams in the woods merge into the rivers flowing through the valleys dotted with meadows, villages and Roman churches. Charollais is a region which is subtle yet surprising, abundant, welcoming and generous. 

I want to talk to you about the beautiful white oxen in our meadows. I want to talk to you about Dijon mustard. I want to talk to you about vegetables, fish and meat. I want to talk to you about snails, blackcurrants, local liqueurs and spirits including Suc Charolais, honey and so much more.

I'm aware of just how lucky I am to live in such a varied and abundant region. 90% of my suppliers are in Burgundy, within 100 kilometres radius. This approach is sustainable and driven by my desire to showcase exceptional products and specialist suppliers. 

I want to tell you a story of the power and abundance of the land on which these men and women live.

03My cooking: intense emotions and culinary memories

My cooking is subtle, precise and elegant. Through it, I want to honour this region and to pay tribute to its producers: it's this ambitious task which drives me every day.

My dishes tell a story of this region and its people: I love authentic, generous cuisine, which creates a surprise and inspires emotion. It amazes, impresses my customers and generates an emotional reaction.

My cooking focuses on simplicity but ensures a subtle and harmonious balance. It combines intense flavours while showcases each ingredient. You'll leave with truly unique culinary memories. My team and I challenge ourselves in every meal.

01My team, our strength, our expertise, our excellence

I firmly believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and teamwork. My mother and father passed their passion on to me. Working alongside renowned chefs allowed me to develop the expertise in demanding restaurants. 

My team is made up of long-standing members. They are part of the history of this property. They're also part of its future. They continue to learn. They enjoy themselves with their efforts to satisfy you, our guests. My team's strength lies in a constant process of sharing and learning from each other's personal and professional experiences. It contributed significantly to Maison Doucet's development.