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01Maison Doucet, 4-star hotel and gourmet restaurant in Burgundy

Frédéric Doucet, a Charolais chef: my story, my region, my passion

I was born here in this house. The house belonged to my parents, who ran a restaurant and an inn. This place is in the heart of the Charolais region, which has so much to offer. Today, I want to welcome you to the very same house where you can discover this region's impressive and abundant variety.

My childhood was filled with the delicious smells of my father's restaurant and I was inspired by my mother's hospitality and the warmth to the guests at the inn. I inherited my parents' passion and follow their footsteps. 

I welcome you to this family property in which I create a unique experience for you. Here in the heart of the Charolais region, I want to present you the land of inspiration, abundance, and full of surprises.

Naturally, I came to share this passion: every day at Maison Doucet, I follow in my parents’ footsteps as I welcome you to this family property and as I create a unique experience for you, here in the heart of the Charolais region where I was born: an inspiring, abundant and surprising region.

02A unique experience in the Charolais region

I work with expert suppliers, the men and women who love their land and its exceptional products. My team in the hotel believes in the importance of generosity, hospitality and excellence. It is these values that help to create this property with truly authentic and sophisticated characters.

Every day, as I work in the kitchen, the people surround me inspire me to share the incredible culinary treasures that Saône-et-Loire has to offer. Together we want to ensure that you enjoy a unique and truly unforgettable experience in the Charolais region.

The streams in the woods merging into the rivers flowing through the valleys dotted with meadows, villages and Roman churches. Charolles, known as the "Venice of the Charolais region, " has 52 beautiful footbridges over the Arconce and Semence rivers. 

During your time at Maison Doucet, near Paray-le-Monial, try to reconnect with the natural surroundings for a truly relaxing stay.

03A love of excellent products, profound respect for nature: my sustainable approach

As someone conscious of the environment and genuinely connected to the Charolais region, I prepare my dishes to showcase the delicious local specialities. Mother Nature has certainly been generous in the Charolais region: edible flowers, Charolais beef, fish from the river, fruit and vegetables from my garden and so much more. My sustainable approach to gourmet food appeals to our guests who are passionate about nature's harmony. Why look any further, given what we have on our doorstep?

Maison Doucet, the French art of living and hospitality

Maison Doucet is a place full of my childhood memories and the tradition of 
French hospitality. My team and I work to keep this tradition. My wife, Anne, has supported me since the very beginning of this adventure. She created a sense of balance here. Her invaluable advice has helped to create this warm, cosy venue.

My parents worked in the restaurant and at the inn. I inherited the property and developed into a 17 room and suite hotel, in the heart of Charolles village. We offer a warm place close to Mâcon, whether you're enjoying a romantic getaway, a family holiday or a business trip.

Looking to unwind from the stress of life? Our Vinésime spa, offers the ultimate setting in which to relax.

We welcome you to Charolles where you can enjoy a different experience with culture and food.

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