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01The Bistrot du Quai, in Charolles in Burgundy

The Brasserie of the Maison Docuet, in Saone-et-Loire

Opposite the Starred Restaurant Frédéric Doucet, the Michelin-star Chef is opening his second establishment in Burgundy: the Bistrot du Quai, located between two rivers, welcomes you in a warm ambience where pleasure reigns alongside a gourmet culinary journey and a stylish interior design.

Frederic DOUCET and his Chef Vincent take pleasure in introducing you to high quality local produce, prepared with great skill. From the starter to the dessert, the best classics of French cuisine commonly found in bistros will delight food lovers.

A convivial and modern kitchen workshop

In Charolles, Anne and Frederic DOUCET have created an original and stylish venue, open to all: more than a brasserie, the Bistrot du Quai is a genuinely dynamic and modern place for exchanges.

The meticulous interior design is reminiscent of a workshop: light-coloured polished tables with metal legs, chairs in sheet metal, a harmonious blend of parquet and black and white tiles, menus presented on wooden boards.

Tradition and modernity skilfully join forces at the Bistrot du Quai for your lunches and dinners in a novel and stylish atmosphere. On the tables, a touch of yellow elegantly interrupts the alternation of black and white.

At the centre of the setting, a glass wall offers a view over the kitchen where the team is hard at work, in the same way as a kitchen workshop where it is possible to discover new skills or discuss recipes and savour the freshly prepared dishes.

Traditional and gourmet cuisine

DOUCET, the Head Chef, and his Chef Vincent have developed a traditional cuisine, inspired by bistro-style meals. Prepared with produce selected with great care from local farmers, it gives pride of place to French dishes and reflects the wish to offer fresh, instant meals created in the workshop and served by Melanie to enjoy with a loved one, family or friends in Burgundy.

Roast chicken with French fries, soups, stews and cuts of Charolais beef will be prepared with great skill using local produce. To round of your meal, discover the much-loved desserts of your childhood: chocolate mousse, custard and tarts.

The Bistrot du Quai invites diners to immerse themselves in a gourmet adventure into childhood memories with the opportunity to rediscover the dishes of our past served in an atmosphere of generosity, simplicity and sharing: guaranteed emotion !

A la carte and set menus

"Charolais" Menu: €51 (starter, main course, dessert)

Daily Menu: €31 (starter, main course, dessert)

Dish of the Day Menu: €17 (starter, main course, dessert)

Starter/Main Course Menu: €21
(from the Lunch menu selection)

Main Course/Dessert Menu: €21 
(from the Lunch menu selection)

Child menu: €12
(children can choose one of the dishes available, quantities are adapted)

Information and reservations

To book your table, contact us by telephone on 03 85 25 51 75

The Bistrot du Quai is open everyday for lunch and diner.